5. Sınıf Festivals Testleri



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Kelimeler - Words:

  • Festival: A special event or celebration.
  • Celebration: A joyful gathering to mark a special occasion.
  • Tradition: A custom or practice that is passed down through generations.
  • Custom: A way of doing things that is special to a certain group of people.
  • Holiday: A day when people don't go to work or school to celebrate something.
  • Parade: A procession of people, often with music and decorations, for celebration.
  • Fireworks: Explosive devices used to create visual and sound effects in the sky.
  • Costume: Clothing worn to look like someone or something else, often during festivals.
  • Food Stalls: Booths or stands that sell different types of food during festivals.
  • Dance: Moving to a rhythm or music as a form of expression or celebration.

Cümleler - Sentences:

  • We have a festival in our town every summer with music and dancing. (Kasabamızda her yaz müzik ve dansla bir festival düzenlenir.)
  • During the Diwali festival, people light fireworks and exchange gifts. (Diwali festivali sırasında insanlar havai fişekler yakar ve hediyeler alışverişi yaparlar.)
  • The Day of the Dead is a tradition in Mexico to remember loved ones who have passed away. (Ölüler Günü, Meksika'da sevdiklerini anmak için bir gelenektir.)
  • I wore a spooky costume for Halloween and went trick-or-treating. (Halloween için korkutucu bir kostüm giydim ve şeker toplamaya gittim.)

Diyaloglar - Dialogues:

  • Person 1: Are you going to the summer festival this year? Person 2: Yes, I'm excited to try the different foods and watch the performances.
  • Person 1: What's your favorite part of the New Year's celebration? Person 2: I love watching the fireworks with my family.
  • Person 1: Have you ever been in a parade? Person 2: Yes, I was in a school parade last year, and it was so much fun!

Sorular - Questions:

  • What are some common festivals celebrated in your country?
  • Why do people celebrate festivals?
  • How do people prepare for festivals?
  • What types of food are often associated with festivals?
  • Do you have any special traditions or customs during festivals?

Bu materyal, öğrencilerin farklı festivaller hakkında temel bilgileri öğrenirken İngilizce dilini kullanma becerilerini geliştirmelerine yardımcı olacaktır.